Thursday, May 15, 2008

We're Repaired!!

She's out of surgery! They took her back about 8:30 this morning, after a wonderful dose of versed. She was so loopy! It was almost like seeing a drunk one year old - LOL! They came out for an update around 10:30 and told us they were getting ready to go on bypass. Around 11:30 the update was that Dr. Bove dilated her right PA (the left was okay) & was finishing sewing the patch into place and would be changing the conduit next. By 12:30 they came out & told us that she was off bypass!!

Dr. Bove told us that things went well, but he was a little concerned with her right ventricular pressure. He said that it was "borderline" on the high side. Worst case scenario is that they would have to go back in to open the VSD back up, whether removing the patch completely or cutting a smaller hole in the middle of the patch. The plan is at this point to watch her with echo for the next few days. As long as her pressure does well, he feels she will need cathed again in about a month. At that time she may need angio again or a stent placed in the right PA, & that should help her pressure if there is still question about it.

When we were finally able to see her, she looks absolutely wonderful! Her color is perfectly PINK!!! I don't think she's ever had those! It was so amazing to see 100% on the O2 sat monitor!! And yes, I did cry! I'm just amazed at how wonderful she looks! Thank you for all of your prayers over the past couple of weeks. Please continue to pray that her right ventricle pressure levels out & we're home soon! We love you all!


Mina said...

Great news! Praying that it gets even better for Nevaeh from here on, so you'll be out the door soon!

Wendy said...

Hi Tina,

Praise God! It's so good to hear that she's out of surgery and doing well! Her pictures made me cry, of course!!! I will be praying that her little heart recovers quickly and just gets stronger every day...

I know that the recovery period sometimes has more stress than the actual surgery, so hang in there, and know that we're praying for you! Get some rest while you can, too.

Thanks for the update! I've been worrying all day!

Lots of Love, Heart Hugs & Prayers,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

The Portas said...

YAYAYAYAY!!! I've been thinking about you guys all day today. Thanks so much for the update. She looks great! She's hardly even puffy at all!

Pink lips and 100% sats are definitely a good excuse for tears. Your little girl is fixed!!

We will pray that those pressures normalize and that no more intervention will be needed. I hope you are able to get some rest tonight. I know how draining Surgery Day is.

Take care!!! xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Veah-- cant wait to see you!! Love and prayers to you. Love and hugs to you.
Love ya- Aunt Mandy:)

Anonymous said...

We may be distant, but our Prayers have been for you Nevaeh.
What wonderful parents, too.

Grandpa Walp and Kathy