Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Movin' & Groovin'

Today was another therapy day here at the Walp house. Its so nice now when the therapists come as Vaeh doesn't start to cry the minute she hears a knock at the door. She almost looks forward to them coming, especially Barb who is her physical therapist assistant. She really seems to have finally bonded with her, offering her hugs & kisses! Today Barb set up the bolster so that it was on two cube chairs and sat about chest high for Vaeh. We were working on cruising along. Vaeh is actually starting to move her feet as if she's walking. There may be hope for walking before 2! She is actually starting to get brave with cruising along the bolster, going after a toy strategically placed just out of reach (sneaky therapists!). She went a total of about 2 feet today, which is like a mile for her chubby little legs! Then we worked on standing unsupported - sort of. Vaeh is very steady on her feet as long as she knows someone is holding on to her or she has a hold of something. Today, Barb stood her with her back side leaning on the bolster, so she had support, and then playing with her. Basically she tricked her into leaning out away from the bolster. She actually held her balance for a couple of seconds, until she realized that she was on her own, and then back against the bolster she went! Its so exciting to see her making such good progress, & actually enjoying her sessions. Such a contrast from even a month ago when she would cry (even scream to the point of turning blue) through the entire session. I'm really starting to dread her going into surgery, which is three weeks from today! I'm afraid of a lot of things happening, including loosing the ground we've gained in therapy. The summer break will be enough to overcome. That, and the fact that there's been a change in contract, so we'll have a couple of different therapists next year :( Hopefully we'll have better luck after her next surgery with everything!


Colin's Blog said...

Great progress on your walking Nevaeh!! Don't worry about her losing any ground-she'll remember and want to get back up again as soon as possible after surgery!!

The Domanicos

Vanessa said...

I'm so happy to read about Vaeh's progress! I'm sure she will get right back to what she was doing once she gets through her surgery. Remember if you need someone to talk to you can always give me a call. :)

Take Care!