Monday, April 14, 2008

Cardiology appointment

Today we had to go visit one of Nevaeh's favorite people (LOL), Dr. Butto. She seems to sense that he brings pokes & sticks with him. It was just a routine visit, and everything went well. He didn't even have them do an echo today, most likely knowing that she wouldn't be very cooperative & it would just upset her. They weren't able to get a blood pressure on her because she was so worked up. The nurse kind of irritated me. She would try to take it, and when it didn't work she would start the cuff up again. I'm no nurse, but I've taken enough blood pressures to know that even if she had gotten a reading it wouldn't have been accurate! Oh well, at least her sats were wonderful - 92%, and that was even while upset! She actually did fairly well with the EKG. I had her on my lap, and let the tech put the stickers on. I think letting her see actually what was happening made her a little more at ease! She fell lightly asleep until Dr. Butto came in, and of course woke up crying as soon as she saw him! Poor guy, what a complex he must have with her. He doen't even get in the door and she starts crying! Suprisingly he didn't even have them do a chest x-ray. He did listen to her, and said she sounded good! That put my mind at ease, as I've been worried how she sounded - a little congested. He said that he wanted to see us in 6 weeks, which would be about 3 weeks post op. They scheduled it for June 9th, as the 6 week mark was on Memorial Day. Wow, where does the time go?

Now, the next big thing coming up is her pre-op appointment in Ann Arbor on May 6th. I'm already dreading having to take her up there, and let them take her from us. I think that's the hardest thing I've had to do in my life, is let them take my baby back for open heart surgery:( It should probably be second nature since this will be the 3rd time, but it only gets harder I think. Hopefully this will be the last time we'll have to do it for a while!

Now, changing pace - here's an update on a few of our heart friends. Emma had surgery on Friday, and is doing fairly well. She's having some feeing issues, but heart-wise is on a path to discharge soon! Ashcer is doing well at home, as is Addisyn who had a very quick post-op in the hospital & was home in 3 days! Its amazing how many people I've come into contact with that are affected by CHD. What I find even more funny is that you don't hear of it until it affects you, and then its everywhere!


Mina said...

Wow, the countdown has really begun, Tina, I hope little Neveah stays as healthy as possible up until her big day. Poor thing, you can't blame her, being so freaked out when she sees the doctor, it's not like she's had great experiences! Hopefully some day she'll be able to look back and laugh about it too. Any progress on the eating front?

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad the appointment went well and Vaeh didn't have to get poked. It's weird cause our PC is the only doc that Arianna actually likes. He stands about 7 feet so that really surprises me. And a 92 pulse ox...thats just wonderful! Keep up the good work little girl!

Colin's Blog said...

Just checking out Nevaeh's blog-she is so cute!! Love her cheeks. Glad to hear all went well with her appt-great sats! That's always a good thing. Will be checking in on you guys.

The Domanicos

Wendy said...

Hi Tina,

Just peeking in on your sweetie pie! I'm thinking of you as her surgery day gets closer and keeping you all in my prayers! Thanks so much for all of the wonderful notes you've left for us this week...they are so encouraging and uplifting! It's great to know so many other heart moms. I appreciate you mentioning Emma on your blog and asking for prayer. (It brought tears to my eyes just to see it....thank you for caring! It's an honor to walk this path with you!)

Heart Hugs & Prayers,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)