Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just hangin' out!

Things have been going well for the last week. Nevaeh came home one week ago, today and has been doing very well. She hasn't needed the oxygen since last Thursday, but only for 15 minutes or so. Seems to be when she is in a deep sleep is the only time her sats tend to lower, and if she changes position it goes right back up to where she is supposed to be. Last night she stayed in the high 80's all night long! It seems our biggest challenge right now is getting used to new bowel habbits, LOL! Since changing her formula she has been doing wonderful with not throwing up/ refluxing hardly at all. But her bowels aren't used to having to work this hard. I know, not the best subject... but when you have little one, it tends to come up in conversations more easily!

Well, other than that, we're just hangin' out around the house waiting to go back to see Dr. Butto. Hopefully by then we'll know something about the final repair & how long it may be until they decide to schedule her for surgery. Her next appointment with Dr. Butto is in about two and a half weeks, so its just a waiting game again. That, and we're back to getting used to Mommy leaving the room for a few minutes. Since coming home from the hospital she's had some major separation anxiety again, but no wonder! It always seems to happen after something big, and after being in the hospital its no wonder that she's picked up that habbit. When she was in the hospital I couldn't walk more than 5 feet away from her crib without her crying. So I got used to waiting until she fell asleep! Time to retrain her that its okay for Mommy to walk away from her for a short time. Oh, the joys of kids!

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