Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winter Fun!

Isn't she just adorable?! Okay, okay. So I'm a very biased opinion here - LoL! This photo is from a couple of weeks ago when the kids had a snow day on a Friday. This was followed by another unexpected day off on Monday due to flooding. We had gotten about 7 inches of snow on Thursday night/Friday morning, which was followed by a spring-like warm up with a couple of inches of rain. All of the melting snow followed by 2.5 inches of rain = lots of water! This is what we had to deal with on Friday (which the kids thoroughly enjoyed, I might add!)...

And this is what we had to deal with on the following Monday...

This was taken at our high school's football practice field. You can see the 'sleds' they use for tackle practice halfway under water. Thankfully we live far enough away from the river that we weren't affected. My in-laws were a bit closer to the action...

Their house is just on the other side of that large evergreen tree on the right side of the photo. Quite the change over the course of a couple days, huh?! Gotta love Ohio weather... okay, well you don't have to love it, just deal with it if you live here!
So this particular Friday, we were actually able to get outside & enjoy some snow time & the girls were able to build their first...

She started out as a snowman, but this snow was so wet & dense, that the moment you picked it up it hardened! We had to mold this lovely instead of rolling her, so we added a few touches here & there... bam! Our first "snow-bear"! The girls both had a great day & enjoyed themselves playing outside. Especially since it was the first time they'd been out all winter:0)

Since that day of fun in the white stuff, we've had, ah-hem, a "nice" couple of days bonding with the couch. Vaeh started off early Thursday morning, around 1:50am, throwing up. She was up all night repeating the same. Gabie got up around 3 & didn't fall back asleep until around 4:30am. I was debating keeping her home from school, when she made the decision for me. She followed her sister's game plan & started throwing up around 6:30. So, thus began my day of consoling my girls while they were not feeling so hot. Gabie ended up with a long weekend, missing school both Thursday & Friday. They both did pretty well on Saturday, until early Sunday morning when Gabie decided she wanted just a bit more attention;0) She had me up around 2 on Sunday, but was pretty good the rest of the day. So Monday morning rolls around & I figured we're finally back on track... WRONG! Vaeh decided to get sick one last time when she got out of bed... UGH!!! Guess she figured she needed a couple more days at home with Momma!
She finally headed back to school this morning & was ecstatic! As an added bonus to her return to school, her teacher also returned! Mrs. Raymond had been out a couple of weeks after she took a fall outside of the school one day when it was icy... & subsequently broke her nose! She's finally back on the mend & was in class today:0)

So next Monday marks our two week anniversary with NO MEDS! Vaeh has been doing quite well. There really haven't been any major changes with dropping the meds. I do find myself looking rather closely at things... does she look a bit dusky? Are her lips/nail beds purple? It stinks, because it really has me second guessing everything that she's been doing lately. Then tonight at supper, my Mom remembered to tell me that last night she & Vaeh were running to catch up to Gabie (Mom took the girls to Gabie's roller skating party for school since it was MY turn bonding with the couch:0/) & Vaeh told her the "I can't breathe." Wha...??? She said she recovered very quickly, & really didn't seem phased by it at all. She's been fine since. So now its a moment of "do I call the cardio or just wait since she's scheduled to see him in 5 days?"

After thinking about it, we'll probably just wait until Monday for her appointment since she's been doing fine other than that one, isolated incident. I'm praying that her appointment goes well & if we schedule a cath, that it will be soon!

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jencooper said...

Gracie has been doing that lately when she exerts herself. "I can't breathe, Mommy." Ugh - I guess just another sign that surgery is looming.

I am glad to hear that everyone is on the mend!!