Thursday, December 3, 2009


Is anyone else having trouble uploading video to blogger? I've been trying to upload the (in my opinion) cutest video of Miss V & I can't:0( I've tried blogger & one true media, neither of which will let me do anything! I can't even upload a photo... AAAAAGHH!!! HELP!!!!

On another note... where's my snow?!?!?! I'm sure many of you think I'm crazy, but I like snow during the Christmas season. Once Christmas is passed, it can go away & warm up to around the mid 50's. But for right now I WANT SNOW!!!! (LoL) If its going to cool down, the least it can do is give me a pretty winter wonderland to admire!

Hope everyone is doing well! I'm working on sending out my Christmas cards, so if your address has changed since last year, please send me an update!


Brianna said...

You can try or to upload pictures and videos...both are free to register.

Amber said...

I love you know I do, but...we don't NEED snow till the 23rd! Don't let me catch you praying for it sooner. ;0)

I haven't done video lately, but my pics are loading fine. hmmm

The Portas said...

We're getting a little bit of snow right now. I'll send it your way! :)

jencooper said...

I tried to uplaod to our blogger site yesterday and nothing would work.

Come to Texas...yes, seriously! We had snow 2 days ago and it is supposed to snow again today. Of course, it doesn't stick to the ground....but still it IS snow.

Lee Family said...

I hope you get snow pretty soon. and when you do please post pictures. Stay warm

Tina:0) said...

If I could upload pics, I would... it still won't let me!!!!! AAAAGGH!