Thursday, September 17, 2009


So I've been waiting to put up another post, so I'd have lots to share with you all. So here goes... let's start with the firsts, shall we?

Last week, Miss Gabby started kindergarten!!! The schools here started late due to building/road construction. Needless to say, all the kids were ready to start this year. The first day went really well! Of course she said she loved it! The biggest things she told me about were having recess twice & lunch (LoL)!

Here's my big girl... Gabby, the kindergartner!
I think we both did quite well on her first day. I only shed a few tears & not until after I had dropped her off. I think it was much harder on me than her;0) She was sooo ready & had a wonderful day. She continues to tell me that she "loved it" when I ask how her day goes. I wish someone would tell me where the last 5 years went?! (LoL)
Another first happened today. Miss Vaeh went to "class" as she likes to call it. We got her back pack ready & headed over mid morning today. She was all too willing to go to class & leave me in her dust! "Bye, Mom! See you later... this MY teacher!" This is what she told me as she walked into the classroom today. When I picked her up, she tried her darnedest to stay... "me wanna stay here!" Well, of course we couldn't, but it really made me feel good to know that she enjoyed herself. The therapist that worked with her today is one of the gals that started originally when Vaeh first started therapy here at the house. Barb said Miss Vaeh is definitely behind with her extensor strength, as well as her abdominals & overall. I am confident that she'll make up the lost ground in no time!!
Here's little Miss on her first day of school!
I'm hoping that both girls keep up with their love of school. It will make life so much easier in the long run!! Now I'll just have to figure out what to do with my "spare" time - LoL!!


The Portas said...

I'm so happy to hear both girls are loving school. That little excited Vaeh face is unbeatable!! What a great photo!

Vanessa said...

Wow..both girls in school!! How long is Vaeh's class? Does she go every day? We go in November to get Arianna tested for school and I'm not sure she will qualify.

I love the pictures of both girls! They grow up too fast.