Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Great give-a-way!

Okay, so I've been following MckMama's blog for quite a while now. I love how she posts about real life & real situations/ solutions. This give-a-way was just too good for me not to post about! They're having a raffle-a-way for a camera package with some wonderful extras! If you click on the button at the top of this post, or on the right sidebar of the blog, it will link you over to MckMama's blog. The proceeds are going to a wonderful cause(s).

In other news, Vaeh is doing wonderful! No ill effects from her bout with pneumonia, other than these nasty lumps in her thighs from all the shots! Thanks, Amber for the advice - it helped immensely! She's still walking somewhat stiff-legged, but is now trying to bend her knees some!

Other than that, all is fairly normal. The tree & decorations are up (I'll post pictures later) as are the outside lights. And this morning there was quite a blanket of the white stuff outside! Now, I just have to get past the nerves about this Thursday. I have to be a the hospital by 9AM, & surgery is scheduled for around 11:45. We'll see what time they actually get me back there! So, if you all would, send up an extra prayer for me on Thursday?!! I'd really appreciate it! Hope everyone else is doing well!


Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

So I had a question for you. My little boy Nathan also has a g-tube. With his heart problems and other issues he is 10 1/2 months and finally deciding to roll over and do push ups. With his g-tube though, its getting to be hard since he's also pushing himself across the rug. How did you protect the site until Veah learned to walk? His site is getting quite red from the rug burn even with the IV bandages around it. Any suggestions?

Would you let me know?

-Stephanie (Nathan's Mom, TOF)


April said...

You know I'll definitely be thinking about you on Thursday, but you know I always do think about all of you everyday & I'm thankful you're in my life too. Keep me posted how things are going! Love Ya & give the girls hugs & kisses for me.

Kathy said...

OH...we'll be thinking about you...who's watching the kids?? I wish we lived closer to help out...
snow! YIKES>...I wouldn't be able to go outside...I once crashed into a tree because of the snow, so I have a little anxiety about that stuff.
It's a good thing we ended up in Vegas!

You'll be great...I'm glad Vaeh is all settled and doing good now that it's your turn.
Sending lots of prayers, hugs, and love your way!

Vanessa said...

Tina, I've been thinking about you so much today. You'll do just fine. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

I'm so glad to hear Vaeh is doing so well!