Saturday, December 6, 2008

Back to the doctor we go...

*** Update!!

Thank goodness for prayers & for quick in & out visits with the doctor. He basically said that she has a cold, especially since she's not running a fever. The nebulizer isn't necessary for now, & neither is an antibiotic. He did ,however, give me a script for a CXR & an antibiotic if she starts showing signs of needing it! So that made me a little more comfortable about things! Thanks for keeping her in your prayers - they helped:0)!

(Original post follows...)

You know, there are just some days where I feel like Vaeh can't catch a break. Today is one of those days. She got up in the middle of the night last night & Jon stayed up with her. When I got up this morning, she was lethargic & sounded very congested. Out comes the stethoscope. She sounds a little coarse/wheezy on the left side this time, so we're heading in to have her checked.

I was a little bummed that her pedi wasn't on call, because the one who is of course wants to see her & do some blood work. Can't just take Mom's word for it, cause I could be right & actually know my own child better than he does! This doc has a tendency to "educate" with a long explanation as to why he wants to do things. No thanks, I'll just take the meat of the story & get on with it!

So if you all would, send up an extra prayer for Vaeh that she won't need to be admitted & we'll only need oral antibiotics! Hopefully everyone else is doing well & enjoying the weekend! I'll update when we know more!


Lee Family said...

I am so sorry to hear about Vaeh, We will be praying for her, I really hope she gets better, it is no fun having to be sick during the holidays. All our Love Karen

mina said...

I hope this doesn't last long. I'll be saying an extra prayer for Vaeh.

jencooper said...

So sorry to hear about Vaeh. I will start praying for her! I am sorry that I have signed sooner - STILL NO COMPUTER! Ugh!!!

I hope that she is feeling much better.


PS - Could you please send me your address?

Vanessa said...

Poor Vaeh. I hope she starts feeling better soon. It's no fun being sick.

ASHLEY said...

hope Vaeh feels better soon, i just hate seeing little ones sick!

Kathy said...

oh...I hope she's feeling better.
The yuckies are just everywhere right now! I'm still working on making us a bubble to hide them in!!!

The Portas said...

I hope the cute girl is feeling better. She definitely deserves to catch a big BREAK, doesn't she? And you too...I hope you get your surgery over with very soon.

Prayers for your sweet family!! xoxo

Pray For Baby David said...

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