Saturday, November 1, 2008


It sounds crazy to think, & I personally didn't think we'd ever see it again. The price of gas is BELOW $2 per gallon! It dropped there earlier this week in Lima (about 20 minutes north of here) & the day before yesterday dropped to $1.97 here in town! Its just sooo funny remembering how 'awful' it was when it neared $2 per gallon originally, & now we're glad to see it back down to that! Isn't our economy amazing?! (lol)

On another note, my surgery is scheduled for December 4th. I'll have to be admitted post op for 2 to 3 days, & then I'll be able to come home! I'm having mixed emotions about it - want it to be done tomorrow & in the same turn scared to death! Ha - if my emotions are mixed now I don't want to think about how they'll be after the surgery (lol)!

Also, Vaeh is scheduled to go for her bi-monthly date with Dr. Butto next Monday! I'm hoping that he'll see our aggravation with the oxygen tubing & we'll go for a cath & be able to ditch it soon! Keep praying... !

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! BTW - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my Hubby! They've been 6 wonderful years (tomorrow) & I can't wait for many, many more to come! I LOVE YOU!!


Vanessa said...

Under $!!!

I just marked your surgery down on my calander. I know it's scary but remember you can get through anything with God by your side. Look at Miss Vaeh...she's a walking miracle.

Happy Anniversary! Hope you guys have a wonderful day.

Give the girls some love from me.

Mina said...

Tina, I'll be thinking of you as your surgery approaches, hang in there!

And happy anniversary to both of you, hoping for many more great years together. Hoping you hear the news you want from the cardiologist.

April said...

Tina You'll be fine, And you know that I'll be thinking about you just like I always do with the whole family. Keep me posted on how things are going with you & your surgery along with how Vaeh is doing & Gabby too. Both girls are growing so fast I just can't believe it.

I'm sure Vaeh wants to get rid of the tubing just as much as mommy & daddy want to see it go too. I'm sure in time she will be able to get rid of it. Give my little princesses some hugs & kisses for me & tell them I love them too. I love them as much as I love their mommy & daddy. Miss You Guys bunches!

Megan said...

Ours is just on the other side of $2.00--which I am loving! Happy Anniversary! Hope things go well at the doctor!

Kathy said...

$2.00...HOLY COW!!! Ours just dropped to $2.60 and I'm in HEAVEN!

It finally doesn't take $100 to fill up the minivan...whooohoo!!!

The girls look just beautiful in the know...I'm starting to make my xmas ones!!!

Dec. 4th huh....that gives you just enough time to worry yourself to death..but, don't! You'll be great...and your hubby will take good care of you and the girls!!!

AND...Happy Anniversary! Hope you get some huggy huggy time!!!

jencooper said...

We will be praying for your surgery. I know that you will be awesome.

Happy Anniversary!!

The girls looked absolutely adorable! I loved their costumes. Kathy is so awesome!!


Lee Family said...

Tina we will be thinking of you when you go for surgery everything will be fine. I hope Vaeh can come off the oxygen what a pain it must be. Please let me know how everything went today. Also Happy Anniversary 6 years congrats. Keep your head up. Lots of hugs Karen

The Portas said...

I love the recent gas prices too!

Happy Anniversary!

Hoping you can get rid of that O2 soon.....xoxoxo