Saturday, November 22, 2008

Let's Go Blue!!

Our li'l Wolverine!
Put me in, Coach! I'm ready to play!

Its game day for the big rivalry here in Ohio, but in this house we say "Lets Go Blue!" Despite being born & raised in Ohio, I've been a Michigan fan for many years. It all started back when my brother went to wrestling camp at the U of M. Ever since then I've rooted for Michigan.
So it was just icing on the cake when they told us that the best place for Vaeh to go for treatment was to the University of Michigan. I promise - it had nothing to do with my being a Michigan fan. Had they said go to Columbus we'd have taken her there.
So, our little Miss V is all decked out in her maize & blue today, despite the worst record in school history this season for the Wolverines. We always tell everyone that Vaeh's heart belongs to Michigan - literally!
Let's Go Blue! (even though we know its a long shot:0)


jencooper said...

Man, it is a bad year to be a Michigan fan!! We are HUGE college football fans here.

She does look adorable in her blue! She is such a cutie pie!!


Tina:0) said...

Yes, its definitely a bad year for us. But we're staying true to the maize & blue!!

Mina said...

Win or lose, Vaeh looks cute!

Lee Family said...

Vaeh looks so cute...

ASHLEY said...


The Portas said...

She looks like a natural BLUE outfit wearer. :) So cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. I have been keeping updated on little Miss Vaeh's site, but every time I leave a comment it erases it!!!! I must be doing something wrong. Hopefully this one makes it through. :0) I love the Michigan outfit! My brother-in-law is a huge Michigan fan as well. His little boy's middle name is even maize! Hope everybody stays happy and healthy for Turkey Day! Take care.

Heart Hugs,
Dori & Addisyn