Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On the go!

**Make sure you pause the music first! You can hear her say "bye-bye" as she's shopping! Oh, & notice that she has the purse (lol)!

This is the first thing she did the other morning, even before I had a chance to change her. She headed straight for her shopping cart! It was something that we picked up with some of her birthday money at Walmart & thought that it could help with her walking. Well, as you can see by the video, it is helping! If it weren't for the silly O2 tubing she'd probably take off, but we're stuck with that until her heart pressures come into check. (Maybe after her next cath we can get rid of it!) Here's a couple more pictures from last night that I just couldn't resist. Gabby got a Sharpay dress up set that included a wig. I don't think that Vaeh would make a very good blonde!

I know I'm beautiful, do you?

Look at my long golden locks!

Uh, Mom, you're in my way!


Mami Adame said...

What a cute blondie! LOL She was so good about leaving the wig on. Thanks for sharing!


Mina said...

So cute! Yes, I'm sure it would be nice to ditch the O2, but I supposed it has to be for now!

jencooper said...

Too cute!! I am loving the blonde wig. She is too adorable!!


Kathy said...

She's amazing...I can't believe that she's walking. Gosh..this summer she has just blossomed!!!
I love her as a need to take her to a fancy salon for extensions!!!

The Portas said...

She is walking GREAT! Look at her! What a little miracle. I just love the purse and the bye bye. She is too cute. The wig is great, too! Hee heee..xoxox

Vanessa said...

Look at her walking!!! She is an aborable little blonde. Give her some love for me.

Megan said...

Oh I love that wig.. I have always wanted long blonde hair.. :0)

Lee Family said...

oh Tina she is such a cutie pie, what a big girl pushing around her shopping cart.

Lots of hugs Karen