Monday, September 8, 2008


Yes, I do realize that it isn't November yet, but that is when little Miss V has to return to see Dr Butto for her next visit! The appointment went very well today & Dr. Butto seemed pleased with how she's doing. Of course we had the traditional EKG & ECHO. She sat ever so still for her EKG, which has never happened IN HER LIFE!! I was so amazed at what a grown up little girl she's becoming! Her ECHO went well, too. She was a very good girl, staying as still as an almost 2 year old (yes - next Wednesday she will be 2!) can stay. Then Dr. Butto came in & it was all over. She did fairly well, although she & doc had a mild disagreement about what the ultrasound gel is for. She likes to smear it all over her chest & pushes the transducer out of the way while they're trying to get pictures! Too funny!

Speaking of grown up, she now weighs 26.3 lbs & is a whopping 33 3/4 inches long! She grew a half an inch since July. Her weight was down a little from her appointment 2 months ago, but doc wasn't concerned with it. Especially since she has an ensatiable appetite & her activity level has at least doubled since then. He was also quite suprised at her not being tube fed! I just love it when she does something that they don't expect her to do!

Now for the technical info for all you heart mommas out there. She has to remain on the oxygen at this point as her pressures still aren't just right. Her sats have been great (100) ever since we got home in May. We've been told since her surgery that she will probably need to be on the O2 until they place a stent due to the stenosis in the right pulmonary artery, not for saturation problems. So for now, we have a trail following behind Miss V all over the house. Makes finding her sooo easy! Thanks to her normal squirmy-ness during the ECHO, doc again wasn't able to get a great look at her PA's. So at this point the plan is to have a CTA (CT scan of her chest - arteries) probably in November after her next visit & then a visit to the cath lab with at least a ballooning of the right PA, if not a stent. So we're at least another 2 months before anything major has to be done/ thought about... how cool is that?!

I can't get this crazy thing on my head!

Our best friend, at least for the next couple of months!

Darn, she caught me!


Amber said...

YAY!!!! That all sounds great! Could you have her wisper the secrets of being still, to Gracie? I'm so glad you had a good visit and I love the miles of tubing!

Lee Family said...

I am so happy for the good news, That is great. She is such a cutie pie.
Oh and wasn't that a great gakme the COWBOYS played we are also huge fans.
Lots of Love.. Karen

Mina said...

Sound like quite a good visit, with Vaeh being so cooperative and no big surprises. I hope the sniffles are GONE in your house.

Colin's Blog said...

Yeah for a great appt!! That is so exciting that Vaeh is no longer using her tube. Can't wait for that day!! So happy to also hear that Vaeh will be left alone for a couple of months. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Colin stays out of the hospital for the winter. Also-great growing Miss Vaeh!!

The Portas said...

That all sounds like very good news! She is showing progress in so many areas and that is a HUGE blessing. No tube feedings?! How wonderful! And growing a half inch!

Way to go, all of you! Keep up the good work! xoxoxo

Vanessa said...

What a great report! I bet it felt good to tell them she hasn't been using the feeding tube. I'm so proud of her!

Much Love,