Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Miss Vaeh!

We made it! Today is Vaeh's 2nd birthday. Its so hard to believe that she is 2 already! Especially when there were sooo many days in the beginning that we were afraid that we would loose her! She is such a strong little girl... a fighter! She has been through so much, that no child should have to go through, & we are so proud of our little girl!

We had her birthday party on Saturday (yes after my trip to the ER & yes, I was on GREAT drugs!) & she had such a great time! She got several cute outfits & some toys. But the best part was seeing her dive into her little cake! It was like we were re-living her 1st birthday! She needed a little help getting started, but once Daddy showed her how, she went for it! It was soooo fun to see her with cake smeared all over her face, & then to see her fliping cake everywhere! She was too cute! Here's a montage of her at her party!

What an cutie pie she is!! Sorry, guess I'm just a biased Momma!

On a side note, thanks for all of your well wishes about my ER trip! Yes, I'm feeling better now although still a little tender. And yes, the drugs were GREAT & did help. Thanks for checking in on us!


Mina said...

Happy birthday Vaeh! Looks like she really enjoyed the cake. It's so funny that you took her shirt off to let her REALLY enjoy it. Hoping you have a wonderful day!

Hollie said...

Happy Birthday Vaeh!!! I hope the day is filled with lots of fun! Looks like she really enjoyed her party on Saturday. She is so adorable. I just love her smile. This post brought tears of joy to my eyes! I just want to let you know what an inspiration you and Vaeh are, what an accomplishment this day is! Give her some birthday loves from me!
Hollie, Ben and Elaina

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little princess Nevaeh! I hope you are having a nice birthday today & liked your card that I sent you which I'm sure that mommy or daddy read to you when you got it. You not just mommy's princess but you're my little princess too, I love you bunches & bunches xoxoxoxoxo :o)

Love Always & Forever,

April (Mommy knows who I am!)

Amber said...

Miss Vaeh...what a special day we get to share with you!!! You are such an absolute miracle...we are so very honored to know you and your lovely family!!!
I'm so glad you enjoyed your cake and I love the tiara!!
Much love from the Baker family!!

The Portas said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Vaeh!! Looks like a fun bunch and a great party! Glad you all had a nice time. I love the stabbing of the cake video. :) So cute. Welcome to your third year of life! xooxox

Lee Family said...

Happy Birthday Veah. What a princess you are.
Tina I am glad to hear you are doing better. Hugs Karen

Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday Miss Vaeh!! Wow...2 years old already. You are getting SO big. I just loved watching her with the cake. Last year Arianna wouldn't even touch her cake. I hope she attacks it like Vaeh. She is so precious.

Love you guys!

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it was fun for you and your family. Being a heart mom myself, I know how each birthday brings back the difficult memories but it also helps us rejoice in the progress our children have made and that they are still here!

glad that you are feeling better.