Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here we are!!

I just realized that its been over a week since I've posted! Things have been a little busy, so I guess time just got away from me! We've been accomplishing so many different things around here.

Daddy is on vacation this week! This is the first time since Vaeh was born that we've been able to do something together as a family - other than make a trip to the hospital for Vaeh. So yesterday, we loaded up & headed to Cincinnati/ Newport, KY to the Newport Aquarium. Both the girls love fish, so they had a really good time. We went down with Jon's brother who was up from Savannah, GA for the week & his Mom. It was so fun just to get out & go somewhere like a "normal" family. Here's a couple of pictures from the day!

We're being eaten alive!

Ewee! Slimy!

Uh, Dad, this isn't funny!

We all really enjoyed our time out as a family. It was so nice just to get away. It almost seemed too easy, though. Vaeh has really taken off on the eating front! I was looking back through the blog, & on July 23rd she had taken enough by mouth to skip a tube feeding during the day. Its amazing the progress she's made, but as of August 23rd - just one month ago, drum roll please... Vaeh went without being tube fed at all! She is taking absolutely everything, including her meds, by mouth! At first I was apprehensive about not giving her anything at night. I reduced her volume slowly over a week, & after I stopped it, it really didn't seem to phase her any. She still isn't much of a breakfast eater, but neither is her sister! I spoke with the surgeon's office about having her button taken out, & they said that as long as her cardiologist was happy with her weight (maintenance or gain) over a three month period they will take it out! Once that's gone & her O2 (after her heart pressures level off) she will be tube free for the first time since she was 2 weeks old! My 'reflection of heaven' truly amazes me every day!

So, the rest of this week will be spent getting the house painted & some projects taken care of. Its so nice to have Daddy home for longer than 24 hours straight! The girls are both in heaven with having him around, & Mommy's just a little happy about it (lol)!


Amber said...

Everything sounds fabulous!!!
I'm so excited for you....daddy time is always good...for everyone. ;^) Eating by mouth....what an amazing little girl....she is....I am so happy, all is going sooooo well!

Mina said...

Yeah Tina, I was wondering what you were up to, hmm, no updates! Looks like the trip to the Aquarium was so much fun! And I am so happy to hear that Nevaeh is NO LONGER TUBE FED! That must be wonderful, and what a wondeful sense of normalcy (though we always us that word a bit cautiously around our heart kiddos).

Kathy said...

Oh..please let her come and teach Isaac how to eat...I'm beginning to wonder about him!
I'm glad that you guys were able to get away....tubes and all..it had to be nice!
What sweet pics!
Thanks for FINALLY updating!

Vanessa said...

Am I reading this right....no tube feedings?!?! Way to go Vaeh!!! This is a HUGE milestone. To think she could be getting her feeding tube out in a few months is awesome.

When do you see the cardiologists again? I know they talked about Vaeh needing an angio done...do they have a date yet?

It looked like you guys had some good family time. How nice to have Daddy home for vacation! I'm sure the girls got all their lovin' in.

Keep the good news coming!

Lots of love,
Vanessa & Ari

Krista said...

Yeah for daddy time...looks like you had a great time!

Yeah for Vaeh...and her huge strides she is making! One little amazing girl!

Yeah for mommy and all her hard work...it's definitely paying off!

Mami Adame said...

Woo Hoo!!! The girls should do lunch!