Monday, July 14, 2008

Belated anniversary!

Okay, so I got so caught up in the summer fun that I forgot that last Wednesday was Vaeh's 1st anniversary of her 2nd open heart! There's so many things that she's had done, but this was one of the major things so I think it deserves mentioning. At this point last year, she was still on the vent after the surgery. Her lungs were still much more problematic than they are now! I just love looking at her & thinking of where she's come from. She's made so many accomplishments. I'm sure she's going to keep up with that tradition.

As for today, we had our monthly date with Dr. Butto, & someone was almost flurtatious with him! I never thought she'd be that way with him, but she was actually playing with his belt today as he stood beside her reviewing her echo. She was playing with a toy, & happened to see his pager & phone on his belt. Well, if there's one thing that will get Vaeh's attention, its a cell phone! The appointment went well. Her RV (right ventricle for all you non heart folks:0)) pressures continue to come down. This tells us that the oxygen is still much needed, so we have our friedly little tube to follow us for a while longer! He also said that her blood work looked good & we could go down to 2 doses of lasix vs. 3 per day. We are also allowed to start weaning her aerosol treatments to as needed. But here's the great part... 2 months for the next visit! We've never gone that long without seeing him unless she's been scheduled for surgery. Dr. Butto's thinking probably in the fall for her angioplasty. She just keeps 'wow-ing' them & I love it.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon waiting around the hospital. This time it wasn't for Vaeh, though! Great Grandpa (my Grandpa) had a lumbar fusion with rodding today. So we waited with some of our family to see that he was doing okay & then headed home. As we were walking out, we were able to see life flight take off from the heliport (on top one of the hospital buildings). It was quite neat to see knowing that Vaeh wasn't on it this time! While we were at the hospital, Gabby got to play with her cousins which made her quite happy! Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Mina said...

It's wonderful to see how far Vaeh has come since her first surgery. What a little miracle! And I love the video of Vaeh and Gabby having fun on the floor, they're so precious together!

Amber said...

I'm so happy for you!!!! I love hearing all of the good news, it's so encouraging....I love it all!

Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary! Yeah for TWO months without seeing the card!!! We're on every THREE months's almost crazy! I just want to call and check in!
SHe'll be off the O2 soon enough.
Glad to hear nothing but good news!!!

The Portas said...

Happy 2nd heart day! And two months with no card...YAY! That oxygen won't be needed much longer. She's doing great. xoxoxo

Wendy said...

Hi Tina,

Anniversaries are great reminders of how far our little heart girls have come.....and nothing says that better than the video of Vaeh sitting up all on her own! It brought tears to my eyes seeing her do that! What a big, big girl!!!

I'm so glad to hear that things are still looking good with her heart, and that your visits with the cardiologist are getting further apart. (That's always a good sign!)

Vaeh looks so strong and'd never even know how much she's been through in her short little life. What an amazing blessing!

Give that sweetheart a big hug from us. Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers.

Lots of Love,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)