Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rough night...

Our weekend was plagued by Gabby being sick for Father's Day. So yesterday we headed to the pediatrician to have her checked out, & he said that it was most likely a virus that's been going around. Great! Just what we need is for a virus, that includes vomiting, in our house. But by last evening she seemed to be back to nearly 100%, so I thought that maybe we would be okay. So much for thinking!

We were quite careful, using the hand sanitizer at every opportunity, but unfortunately... it started last night around 9 PM. I had my back to Vaeh because I was busy with some silly thing & she was playing with Gabby, watching Disney. The next thing I know I hear that all to familiar "splash" of liquid hitting the floor - not good! I wasn't sure if she had gagged herself, as she had just finished a bolus feed only a few minutes before. I was hoping for the gag theory.

When I started her on the feeding pump, I was sure to give her a dose of prevacid. I have been trying to wean her off of it, & so there's another theory of why she had gotten sick... We headed off to be around 11:15. So I kind of knew what was going on when I heard Vaeh get sick around 12:35. Poor little thing, over the course of about a half hour, she vomitted 5 times basically emptying her stomach. So, we headed out to the living room, called MawMaw to get us some Pedialyte & settled in for the night... again. I gave her a dose of zophran (which she was prescribed the last time we went through this whole vomitting thing) & started the Pedialyte. It only took about 3 mL's & she was throwing up again, so we stopped the pump. I waited until about 6:30 this morning to start her back up & started with a dose of zophran. Its about 8 AM now & so far, so good... Hopefully this turns out to be just a 24 hour bug like Gabby had & all will be well again tomorrow this time!

Just a quick update on our little heart friend Elaina. She had surgery last week, & has been struggling since. As of last evening, her Mom reported that her chest was still open because of her lungs not tolerating the surgery very well so far. They are struggling trying to wean her off the vent, among other things. Please keep little Elaina & her family in your prayers! We all know that prayer changes things!

*PS - Thanks, MawMaw!!! We couldn't do it without you! (& the rest of our family!)

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Mina said...

Hoping things settle down at home soon! Cool map!