Sunday, May 25, 2008

We're Home!!!

Are we leaving yet?!

Lets go already!

Are we there yet?

Finally, wer're HOME!

Sorry its taken so long to update, but we had a lot going on the past couple of days! On Friday, they had Vaeh scheduled for a swallow study & sedated MRA (MRI of her pulmonary arteries). She had to be NPO (nothing by mouth) for a certain period of time before the MRA, so they decided to cancel the swallow study. They couldn't get the schedule just right to keep her on her NPO schedule. So, she had nothing to eat from 7 AM until about 7 PM. What a mad little girl we had! She was supposed to have the MRA at 3:40, but they didn't get her in until 4:30! Then we found out about 5 minutes before they did the test that she would have to be re-intubated:0( Needless to say, Mommy was none to happy about that!

Saturday morning we arrived at the hospital about 9:15 AM. I finally called for the nurse around 10:00 AM. Vaeh was supposed to be fed, and she wasn't being yet. So we finally got the ball rolling. Mommy helped hold Vaeh so they could take out her central line & chest tube stitches! I couldn't believe how long the tubing was for the central line, & how big around it was. It goes from the neck into the subclavian vein, so it was about 4 inches long & about as big around as a spaghetti noodle! Then the nurse practitioner came in to discuss the results of the MRA. She said that Dr. Bove had looked at them earlier. If you remember, Dr. Bove felt that based on her PA size, Vaeh would need to go back into the cath lab in about a month. Based on the MRA, he now feels that it could be another three to six months before she needs to go back! Thank you, GOD! He was impressed by how good her PA's looked, as well as that she tolerated the closure of the VSD so well! Again, she keeps on stumping them! We're scheduled to see Dr. Butto a week from Monday & hopefully she'll do well for him, too!

It is so nice to have her home! She seems so much more relaxed being in a familiar environment. She had a look of pure relaxation the minute we put her in her car seat! Then once we walked in at home, & sissy was there... well, lets just say we had a couple of pretty happy little girls on our hands! She is back to about 97%. She's starting to talk a little more like she was prior to the surgery, & move around like her normal little self. She still acts a little sore, but who can blame her?!?! We're only 10 days post op! She was just coming off the vent at this point with the last surgery! I am continually amazed every day!


Kathy said...

YEAH....glad you're home!!!
What a super girl you have! hope you ALL get some sleep!
Enjoy those girls!

The Portas said...

I am so glad you guys are home! The pictures say it all!! Get some rest and hug that sweetie for me.


Mina said...

Three to six months sounds awesome. Welcome home, Nevaeh!