Sunday, May 4, 2008

Three days & counting...

Close & closer we come! Including today, we are now three days away from surgery and doing okay. We had a garage sale this weekend (which went very well) and that really helped keep me distracted from the what if's of the upcoming surgery! I'm sure any heart mommy, or mommies of anyone having major surgery, all go through the 'what if' process. Thinking about all the things that could happen, whether good or bad. I'm trying not to do that as all that accomplishes is creating more worry, & I certainly don't need to worry more! I'm just going to try to keep myself busy so that I don't have time to think! Ha! Anyone that knows me at all knows that this is a tall order!

As for little Miss Vaeh, she is still the little spunky monkey! With the garage sale this weekend & knowing that she doesn't get around like a normal toddler, we set up the pack & play so that she would have somewhere to sit to play not on the dirty floor! Most of the time she was happy sitting in her rocker chair, but she did like being able to move around in the pack & play. My little scooter bug! She's so cute how she scoots around while sitting on her bum! Of course, the PT hates that she does that (because its not conducive to good trunk control, or stability with walking) but its so hard to stop her! She's a little mover! It didn't take long for her to become bored with just sitting, so we stood her at the edge of the pack & play. The little stinker was walking (or cruising) around the edge like a professional! It was so exciting & yet scary at the same time! She is so close to walking that when she decides not to be stubborn anymore, boy am I in trouble! I don't think I'll be able to keep her down! I can't wait!!

Just a little update on all our little heart friends that have recently had surgery. Emma, Elijah, Karly, Ashcer & Addisyn are all now at least two weeks post op and all are doing quite well from what I've read! These little kids are so amazing! How fast they recover! Another little Karley (spelled different!) who just had a transplant is doing well so far! Champ (aka Stephanie) is still in the hospital & still dependent on the external pacemaker. From what her family has written, they will not make a decision on a permanent pacer until later this week. Other than still being on the pacer, she looks wonderful in the pictures on her page! Again, two more amazing kids! Please continue to keep all of these families in your prayers as they continue to recover. As well as keeping Vaeh in your prayers this week! Thanks to all who check on us! We appreciate all of you & love you all!

Maxin' & Relaxin'!

Gimme that!

Look out, you're next!

I just had to put these pics on! She was just so adorable that I had to share her with all of you!


Vanessa said...

Vaeh is so adorable! I could just picture her scooting along on her bum. I'm happy to hear she was walking along the edge of the pack-n-play! I can't wait to see how she excels after her surgery.



Mina said...

Glad to see that Nevaeh continues to do so well. Hang in there!

The Portas said...

What a sweetie!

Try not to let the what-ifs creep in too much. I know they are inevitable, but they sure can take a hold of fear if you're not careful.

Everything is going to be great and your strong little girl is going to be amazing!!

Sending you many prayers. xoxoxo