Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On to general care...

I love you, Mommy!

Yes I'm ornery & I know it!

It's mine - you can't have it!

Vaeh was moved out to the general care floor late yesterday afternoon. What a night & day difference in the nursing care! Even though you know to expect it, its still a shock when it happens! This morning was by far the hardest day. When I arrived she was laying in her crib watching Nick, Jr. What a big smile I got to greet me, then the outstretched arms! "Pick me up Mommy!" The nurse tech came in & said she had sat up on her own this morning!! We're only 6 days post-op - WOW! That's my girl! When the nurse finally came in, I asked her why her feeding pump was set for 125mL per hour (bolus feed for all you tube feeding mommies!). Her response about set me ablaze. She told me that she had "guessed." What?!?! Not something you tell a mom when you're trying to build confidence in your abilities to care for my child! Since then, lets just say a dentist would have an easier time pulling teeth than I have had getting info from her. The communication is just not there in this unit. It is so hard leaving her with people that I don't trust. We have to have a couple of tests run before discharge, as well as weaning her from the O2. There is some confusion there whether or not they are going wean her or not. But overall she is doing wonderful! I'd say we're back to about 95%!


Vanessa said...

I can't stand general pediatric floors. They are not on top of things like the ICU floors. Me and Robert camped out by Arianna every day and night while she was in the hospital to make sure she was taken care of. I couldn't find it in myself to leave.

I'm glad you guys are moving towards discharge. I'll check back soon

Mina said...

Nevaeh looks great! I know what yoiu mean about the difference in care between the regular floor and the unit, we had issues too, that seems to be the trend. On the bright side of things, it means your precous one should be headed out the door soon. Won't it be awesome to take her home???!!!

The Portas said...

She looks soo good! What a strong little girl, doing so well SIX days after surgery. Wooohooo!

I sure can relate to you with the level of nursing care when you switch floors. It is so nice to move out of the ICU, but it is so hard to see the quality of care go down so greatly.

Hang in there......keep the nurses on their toes! Ask them lots of questions. Go to the charge nurse if you feel the care is a serious issue.

Wendy said...

Ah, the go from excellent care to "oh, are you still here?" :) I know how frustrating that is....and I don't know if it's just us, but it seemed like the younger nurses acted like they knew so much more than we did. We had some that had never seen a Mic-key button OR worked a feeding pump!!! Don and I worked the pump the whole time Emma was there, and gave her whatever meds she needed (they just brought them to us.)

I sure hope that Vaeh is doing well enough that you can take her home soon! Her best nurse is her own mommy!!!

I loved the new pictures....oh, she soooo cute!!! And with that smile you'd never know what a huge surgery she just had!! Give that little sweetheart a big hug from us!

Lots of Love & Continued Prayers,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Kathy said...

WE don't leave the peds floor either...

Just tell them to let her go home and you'll wein her off the O2 at home! (no biggy!)

She looks great! I know that's such a relief for you!!!

Kiss the girls!

Layla said...

You write very well.