Sunday, April 27, 2008

Great sats!

Even though its late & I should be sleeping since the girls are both asleep, I couldn't help myself! I have Vaeh on her O2 sat monitor once she falls asleep for the night. Lately she's been running in the low to mid 80's, and occasionally dips into the low 70's. Last night, she finally had a really good night. Daddy let me sleep in the bed vs. the couch & he kept her out here as she has been doing better in her chair rather than the bed. He said that she only dipped once, & she rebounded very quickly, so he didn't need the O2 at all! That's the second night in a row without any O2. So tonight when I turned the monitor on, I was quite suprised to see 94%! And that's with an open VSD! The monitor has been on for at least 2 hours now, and looking at it now she's at 92%. I've seen her hit 98% tonight, but it was only for a split second then she leveled off to the low 90's. I'm just amazed that we've come from barely staying in the 80's with oxygen, and now she's staying in the 90's without it?!?! She has occasionally dipped into the 80's tonight, but overall has averaged a low 90! That's my little spunky monkey!


Colin's Blog said...

Very happy to hear about the great sats!! Nevaeh will be strong for her upcoming surgery. Thinking of all of you as the countdown begins.

The Domanicos

Wendy said...


That is great news! I hope her heart is as strong and healthy as ever for this next surgery! I'm keeping you and your beautiful Vaeh in my prayers every day!

Lots of Love & Heart Hugs,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

The Portas said...

YAY for the great sats! That's amazing, actually. She'll be at 130% once that VSD is fixed. :)