Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Having Fun!

Today was such a wonderful day here! We had to go out for an appointment, and the sun was actually shining for a change, so it was a good day to have to go out. When we got home, Vaeh had her physical therapy appointment. She usually screams through the whole session from the time that Barb knocks on the door. Today, however, she was a happy & jovial little girl! She smiled the whole time that Barb was here, and actually showed some improvement with things. She started to move herself backward while on her belly, which was a big accomplishment! Barb said it was pre-crawling! And we were beginning to think that she would never crawl, but go straight to walking! She also did much better with cruising along the bolster! Barb said she only needed a hand for safety, & that she was basically doing it herself. I can't believe she did so well, especially after being in the hospital. I figured she would be more cranky than usual. Guess thats what I get for thinking ahead!

We're still waiting to hear about a surgery date, but I don't think we'll here anything for a couple of weeks yet. Dr. Bove is scheduled to be out of town until next week, so it will be at least the second week of April before we here anything. So we'll just go on with the status quo here until we hear anything new!

Please keep a couple of our 'friends' in your prayers. As I mentioned in a post earlier today, Edgar has passed away. Please keep his family lifted up in prayer as they go through this rough time. Also would you keep Emma in your prayers! She is supposed to have an open heart surgery which was scheduled for this Friday, but has again been postponed. She has had some little speed bumps with colds, etc., and she has been rescheduled for sometime in April. Hopefully she will remain healthy and will be able to have the surgery on the next scheduled date, and will have a speedy recovery!

Thanks for continuing to check in on us! We appreciate it!

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